Rural Contraceptives Access Campaign


adebisi's project

Adebisi is assessing married adolescent mothers' knowledge, uptake, and access to family planning information and services as well as the quality of those services available in the rural communities of Gyigyi and Sharuwana in Niger state, Nigeria. Through strategic community engagement, Adebisi is promoting and advocating for adolescent-friendly family planning services.

Through his project, Adebisi will:

  • Conduct video interviews with 10 married adolescent girls and 5 influential members of the community, including men, traditional and religious leaders, and community health workers
  • Develop targeted advocacy messages, create a website, and use social media to engage policymakers, political leaders, local media, and the global community
  • Hold a training and town hall meeting on the importance of contraception

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about Adebisi

Adebisi is a passionate youth advocate committed to improving the health and well-being of young people, especially girls and rural/slum dwellers. He is the leader of Lighthouse Global Health Initiative (LGHI), formerly known as Health and Peace for All Initiative, a growing initiative with a mission to encourage and empower vulnerable populations to lead productive and healthy lives. Through this platform, Adebisi and his team have implemented successful public health campaigns which include the “Rural Empowerment and Health Promotion Project” (REHP-Project) for rural dwellers, and “Your Health First Campaign” targeted at empowering domestic workers. Adebisi’s commitment was recognized by Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health/Bill and Melinda Gates Institute in 2013 through a scholarship to attend the Third International Conference on Family Planning. He was also invited to join the National Technical Working Group on Adolescent Health and Development in Nigeria. As a member of the working group, he was part of the team that developed the “National Training Manual on Peer-To-Peer Youth Health Education” and he was a facilitator on the Federal Ministry of Health’s G-WIN Peer-to-Peer Project. Adebisi trained as a pharmacist at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

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