Contraception Accessibility for All

kizanne's project

Kizanne promoted access to and use of the most effective forms of contraception in the densely populated St. Joseph District of Trinidad and Tobago. By debunking myths and sharing young people's stories, Kizanne showed the positive impact of contraception, created healthier attitudes towards youth access to contraception, and advocated for greater government involvement in sexual and reproductive health policies and programs.

Through her project, Kizanne:

  • Developed a mobile app and website that contained information about different types of contraception and the exact location of 16 health centers that provide them free of charge
  • Interviewed, photographed, and filmed 73 young people from different areas of the country about their attitudes, perceptions, and experiences with contraception

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about kizanne

Kizanne is an award-winning youth leader from Trinidad and Tobago with over 15 years experience in youth leadership. She is a Chevening Scholar and medical doctor who is passionate about women’s health issues, particularly those related to sexual and reproductive health and rights. She is the founder of Caribbean Youth for Philanthropy, a network of youth leaders from various Caribbean Islands working towards promoting youth empowerment and development, and a special advisor to the St Joseph Police Council of Trinidad and Tobago Community Outreach Program.