Promoting Access to Contraception for university students

Makananelo's project

Makananelo is addressing the high rates of pregnancy at the National University of Lesotho, outside the capital city of Maseru. Despite having a clinic on campus, the services are not youth-friendly or accessible to students. By collecting stories about contraception access from female students, Makananelo is raising awareness of the barriers that these young women face when trying to access contraceptive information and services on campus and advocating for a stronger comprehensive sexuality education program at the university.

Through her project, Makananelo will:

  • Collect stories from 10 female students, some of whom are pregnant, about their access to contraception
  • Create a website to share these stories with university management to advocate for friendlier and more accessible sexual and reproductive health and rights services on campus
  • Produce and disseminate youth-friendly educational materials on contraception to students

about makananelo

Makananelo is a human rights and social justice activist from Lesotho. She is particularly passionate about the rights of girls and young women, leading her to co-found an organization called Development and Leadership Centre. The organization advocates for the rights of youth, with a specific focus on the sexual and reproductive health and rights of girls and young women in grassroots communities. She is a Country Coordinator for the International Youth Alliance for Family Planning in Lesotho and holds a Masters Degree in Women's Law from the University of Zimbabwe.