Say it, Get It: Promoting Increased Provision of Female Condoms


Talimba's project

Talimba built the skills of young people to effectively advocate for access to female condoms in Malawi’s Dedza district. Through capacity building workshops and dialogues between young people, community leaders, and district-level health authorities, she raised young people’s awareness of the importance of female condoms, reduced cultural barriers surrounding young people’s access to contraception, and advocated for an increased supply of female condoms at 4 local health facilities.

Through her project, Talimba:

  • Trained 15 youth advocates on the myths and misconceptions surrounding female condoms, advocacy techniques, and communications strategies
  • Held 12 meetings with service providers from 4 health facilities to develop a plan to distribute 3,200 female condoms
  • Captured 12 stories from young people about the barriers they face when accessing contraception and shared them through her website
  • Reached over 7,600 community members and 1,200 young people through meetings and community events

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about talimba

Talimba is a sexual rights advocate with six years of experience working on programs. Currently, she is working as a National Program Coordinator for a SRHR initiative called Unite for Body Rights Program. The program targets young people between the ages of 10 and 24, linking the provision of comprehensive sexuality education with improved SRHR services and cultivating an enabling environment for young people to realize their sexual rights. She is also committed to addressing the plight of women and girls with regards to gender-based violence. Talimba is pursuing a Master’s degree in Gender and Development.