Answer the questions below each section as a guide to crafting your own personal narrative. 

  • Create one sentence that coveys your purpose and what you hope to achieve.
  • Include enough information for the listener to predict the purpose of the story. 
  • What are three things unique about yourself? What defines you right now?
  • What is your passion? What are you going to achieve?
  • Who are the key players in your work? 
  • What are you fighting for?
  • What examples do you have that helps demonstrate your story?
  • Why is this happening? Why now?
  • Has something recently changed to caused this outcome?
  • Who is responsible? What do they say?
  • What will happen if nothing changes? Why is this so important?
  • What is the worst case scenario?
  • What does success look like? What is the best case scenario?
  • What is needed to get from current state to best case scenario?
  • What can be done to continue progress?


Creating talking points 

Talking points help ensure you are prepared with the key points of your story. They are used for talks, interviews, and pitching. Talking points contain story outline as well as facts, numbers and data. Here are a few tips on creating your own talking points.

  • Build the talking points based on your story narrative
  • Find a format that works for you (bullets, sentences, combo)
  • Keep a printout handy and keep in a place that is easily accessible online (notepad)

Telling your story to the media

  • It is your story. You are in control of how it is told and you know it best.
  • Be prepared
  • Speak slowly
  • If you get asked a question that you don't have information to, it is okay to say you don’t know and to get them the info later
  • Be “media-ready” - Always provide journalist with a way to get more info or assets for your story (photos, videos, stories, etc) 


Livestreaming is still an emerging form of communication. However, It provides great value when trying to communicate authentic and unscripted dialogue.  Click on the photo below for tips on using Facebook live. 

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* click photo to read the tips