in 2016, the ambassadors...

  • Directly reached 35,000 people in 10 countries
  • Captured 815 photos and collected 357 stories from young people about their access to contraception in their communities

  • Met with 44 policymakers and community leaders and received support from 21 influencers

  • Spoke at 32 events and were featured in 25 media stories

My project was significant in advancing conversations around barriers that young people face when accessing contraception... we helped demystify the misconceptions and myths that surround contraceptives in my community.
— Ali Kaviri, WCD Ambassador from Uganda
[This project] marks a turning point in my journey advocating for sexual and reproductive health and rights. It is the first authentic and genuinely driven project I have been involved in…”
— Nana Abuelsoud, WCD Ambassador from Egypt

in 2015...


One of the biggest successes of this project was empowering young people to voice their needs and opinions about sexual health education and access to contraception… By creating more opportunities for youth advocates to share their stories and expertise, this project allowed me to raises awareness of young people’s perspectives and needs.
— Gvantsa Khizanishvili, WCD Ambassador from Georgia


...This [project] is a critical step in developing appropriate and responsive sexual and reproductive health and rights advocacy strategies that are informed by actual lived experiences of young people from underrepresented communities… I have been deeply influenced and affected by the stories told during the journey that was this project. It will indelibly affect my advocacy…
— Khadija Sinanan, WCD Ambassador from Trinidad & Tobago