Making The Voices of Young Key Populations Heard

Trang's project

Trang is highlighting the sexual and reproductive health needs of groups of people that are often disenfranchised in Vietnam - ethnic minority girls from the northern area of the country and lesbians and transgender women in the capital city of Hanoi. Through capacity building workshops, photos, and interviews, Trang is encouraging these vulnerable populations to share their stories, increasing public awareness of the challenges that these populations face when accessing contraception and other health services, and advocating for policy makers to prioritize their wants and needs in policies and programs that affect them.

Through her project, Trang will:

  • Collect stories from 40 young members of key vulnerable populations 
  • Train 30 young ethnic minority girls in digital storytelling, particularly photography and interviewing
  • Create a website and photo book to showcase the diverse range of youth voices collected

Check out Trang's photo-blog and e-book!

about trang

Trang is a gender activist who believes in advocacy through an evidence-based approach. She is a lecturer for the Faculty of Social Work at the Vietnam Trade Union University. Previously, Trang was a social worker, providing direct support services for survivors of domestic violence, lesbians, and children who have been bullied. She recently turned her interest to research, focusing mostly on gender-based violence, sexual orientation discrimination, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

Trang holds both a Bachelor's and Master’s degree in Social Work.